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About Me

As an Artist and Arts Educator, I am dedicated to empowering individuals and communities through collaborative processes engaging participatory democracy, creativity, healing modalities, the regeneration of ourselves and protecting this beautiful planet we steward. 


The act of making images for me is an act of survival, plumbing the alchemy of one’s inner and outer landscape and looking for the kernel of light that dwells there, often hidden inside. I seek to find the visual code for how something can become. Images can appear from intense emotion about something happening in the world that is deeply felt. They arrive as an ‘aha’, a flash of visual insight with their own knowledge and wisdom. Through the act of drawing and painting, they emerge from ‘a looking into’ something, and become an alchemical space that transforms form as well as transitioning through form. In this way, images have always been numinous to me. Each work of art evolves through layers of perception, arriving intact or in some cases, appears as a momentary still in a state of ongoing, constant movement, in a constant state of its own becoming.

Whether it is the way light reflects through water on a pond or depicting an emotional ripple moving through the body, through the act of making art, I am engaged in the visual ethnography of my own perception - of looking for and finding an inner, transformative light that emerges through the language of art. This is both a mystical as well as a personal process for me, transforming life.

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